Maximilian Hansen (SWE)


Maximilian Hansen started improvising 20 years ago. He is the founder of improv company Mind Melt in Uppsala, teaches and performs at improv theater “Improvisationsstudion” in Stockholm, Sweden and is a proud member of Ohana - a project that gathers some of Europe's foremost improvisers to exchange experiences and explore improv as an art form.

Max has taught and performed in, amongst other places: England, Finland, Ghana, India, Ireland, Kenya, Germany and the USA and is one of the founders of the Sweden International Improv Festival.

Max loves the community that exists within the improv world and the worlds that improv can create - anywhere and anytime.

As a teacher, Max strives to create a positive atmosphere that encourages the participants to push themselves.

Find out more about the Mind Melt from here:

Maximilian visited Rahel Otsa Improkool 10-11.11.2023 and led three workshops: