Code of Conduct

This agreement is designed to create a safe environment for everyone at the improv school.
Changes and additions may be made to it on an ongoing basis as necessary.

  • Improvising should come from a kind, fun, caring and respectful attitude.
  • All participants have the right to speak up if something makes them feel uncomfortable or if they see that it may cause discomfort to someone else.
  • Participants should respect group agreements regarding both mental and physical boundaries. This concerns topics that are not considered appropriate to discuss in these classes as well as agreements about physical touch and closeness. Each group makes these agreements among themselves according to the needs of the members of that group and can change them if necessary.
  • Improv can definitely explore challenging subjects (unless this group excludes some of them), but it should be done smart, with satire and/or a desire to better understand those topics. When dealing with difficult topics, one should always consider fellow players and the audience.
  • It is always good to remember that our own habits, assumptions, expectations and previous experiences can influence our beliefs, decisions and actions. We should approach situations with an open mind and a desire to understand, not to judge.