Improvisers enjoying playing games


Jamming is a term mostly known in the music industry and it refers to making improvised music together. But we also jam in the improv theatre!

Rahel Otsa Improkool welcomes everyone to take part in improv theatre jams led by the more experienced students of the school! Jams are one-time gatherings designed to enjoy playing together. The games are easy to learn, and you will find the opportunity to play group games as well as to let out your inner star! All according to your level of courage.

Our jams are meant for:

  • those who do not yet have any improv experience
  • those who have not done improv in a long time
  • those whose last contact with theatre was playing a rabbit or a squirrel in kindergarten
  • those who miss being present and just playing
  • those who want to experience the synergy and joy of collaboration
  • and everyone else!

The ticket costs 12 euros and you can buy it from here!

NB! Buy your ticket early! If there are fewer than 4 tickets bought for the day of the jam, it will be cancelled. Ticket owners will be contacted by email.

The next jam in English will take place on 10.05.

Jams start at 18:30 and last for two hours.

The venue for jams is the Särev Theatre Room (Tina 23-13). To enter, please dial 13 on the keypad lock next to the door. The theatre room is on the second floor (the way we count them in Estonia) and as it's an apartment, you should remove outdoor footwear when entering.



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