Don’t Look Directly at the Sun


First, a quote from Peter Brook –
“I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space, whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged.” 

And now, an excerpt from The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears —
“At the table in the kitchen, there were three bowls of porridge. Goldilocks was hungry. She tasted the porridge from the first bowl.
"This porridge is too hot!" she exclaimed.
So, she tasted the porridge from the second bowl.
"This porridge is too cold," she said.
So, she tasted the last bowl of porridge.
"Ahhh, this porridge is just right," she said happily and she ate it all up.” 

These two references put together sum up the spirit of this highly experimental workshop, where we will look beyond the conventional expectations of improv scenes to embrace all the true possibilities of the unexpected. We are engaging in the art form of improvisation, so anything can happen, and we must be prepared to engage with and mine the meaning out of anything that does.

Come join if you’re feeling brave, ambitious and intrigued!

Duration: 3 hours