Hazel Ho (SGP)


Hazel Ho (Singapore)

Hazel graduated from the National University of Singapore with a B.A. in Theatre Studies, and was a co-founder and Producer at The Improv Company for 7 years, devoting her energies to the creation of a thriving, sustainable improv community in Singapore. She even once had to improvise live on national television and prefers not to remember it. 

Hazel has had extensive experience coaching and directing The Improv Company’s many house teams and international performances. Most recently, she spearheaded a team called The Play, training them in the ways of structured narrative storytelling. 

Hazel is also an accomplished scripted theatre director, with critically acclaimed shows in Singaporean festivals like The Twenty-something Theatre Festival, Lit Up Singapore and NUS Arts Festival.

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Hazel visited Rahel Otsa Improkool on 21.06.2023 and taught her workshop "Don’t Look Directly at the Sun"!