Terms and conditions

Compliance with the terms and conditions is the basis for attending classes.

General rules of the school

  • The school season of 2024/2025 lasts from 2.09.2024-29.05.2025. Studies will not take place from 20.12.2024 to 5.01.2025 and on public holidays.
  • The classes take place in the Särev theater room (Tina 23-13, Tallinn) belonging to the Estonian History Museum. When participating in the workshops, all teachers and students should abide by the rules of the Särev theater room.
  • The main form of teaching is in person, but if need be, classes can also take place in the Zoom environment.
  • If fewer than 4 students come to the class, the teacher has the right to cancel the lesson. Students should pre-notify the teacher about their absence through established channels.
  • If there are fewer than 6 participants in any of the main course groups, the school manager has the right to either disband the group or join the members of that group with other groups.
  • The students will be notified of possible changes regarding the replacement of the instructor or the cancellation of the class as soon as possible through the established channels.
  • If the student has personal or physical limitations which make it difficult for them to fully participate in the lesson, they should inform the teacher about them before the class starts or as soon as the need arises during the lesson.
  • Students undertake to adhere to the Code of Conduct and individual agreements made in the class so that the atmosphere for improvisation is safe, free and happy for all participants.


Payment for courses

  • Payment for courses is made once a month by buying tickets through Fienta.
  • Absences from class are understandable, but don’t qualify for refunds or future class credits.
  • If the participant wants to stop attending the course, they should send a written note about it before the beginning of the next month to: rahel.otsa@gmail.com. No refunds will be made for missed classes halfway through the month of cancelling the course.