Terje Brevik (NOR)


The first international teacher at Rahel Otsa Improkool was Terje Brevik who visited us from Norway! To our knowledge, improvisers from Norway had only visited Estonia twice before: in 2013 Det Andre Teatret performed their „Director's Cut” at the first International Improv Festival Tilt and in 2019 The Improv Speakeasy performed "Alice in Improvland" at the seventh Tilt.

Briefly about Terje: 

  • Terje Brevik is an international teacher and performer with 10+ years of improv experience.
  • He is the founder of: Tøyen Impro, Short Notice Improv Festival, Oslo Impro Festival, Impro Neuf and applied Improvisation practitioner.
  • He has the Bachelor's of Drama and Theater Communication and Bachelor's of Science (IT).
  • He has taken classes at/with Keith Johnstone, the Annoyance, Pack Theater, iO Theater, Loose Moose, Groundlings and many more.

You can find out more about him: terjebrevik.com/bio.

Terje visited Rahel Otsa Improkool 24-27.11.2022 and led four workshops: