Stop! Hammer time!


Every idea is an unlimited source of potential, if we want it to be. It has the power to connect us to the moment, connect us with our partner and audience, not to mention effortlessly bring any story forward.

Too often we miss out on this potential. We're too busy looking for different, better, more interesting ideas, or perhaps we just don't think our idea is good enough.

Stop! Hammer time!

This workshop will stop us from moving forward and hammer away at what we got. By stop, I mean look! And by hammer I mean play!

Because it's improv and because we'll be doing group and pair exercises together, the workshop is designed to provide practical experience with useful tools in a playful way. Then we'll wrap up with a few scenes to demonstrate the tools and process of Stop! Hammer time!

This workshop will:

  • help bring out the potential and trust in your ideas and those of your improv partners!

  • allow you to have fun with your ideas for as long as you want!

  • let you discard ideas that no longer inspire!

  • change your view on creativity and teamwork forever!

♫ oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♫

Duration: 3 hours
Level: Everyone, Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced