What is improv?

Jaa !mprov theatre's performance "What else could go wrong?"

Improv theatre is still a relatively new thing in Estonia. There are all sorts of opinions about it - people may fear that the audience may be forced to do something unpleasant, they may think that anyone can do this kind of theatre without practising, or that it is a rehearsal hall technique that is not suitable for the stage. On the other hand, from those who have come to see improv shows for the first time, you usually hear different reactions. Every improviser has heard sentences like: "Hey, that was really cool!", "Tell me honestly, how much did you agree on before the show?" or "You know, I was thinking here, I would also like to try this..".

Each improvised performance is unique and is born only in this moment, precisely in the cooperation of these actors and the audience. It is very difficult to explain to someone in advance what they are going to see because the actors don't even know it themselves. Although every performance is also unique in classical theatre, relying only on improvisation makes the creation of improv performances much more risky. There is much to lose, but even more to gain. But experience shows that even the most sceptic audience ends up being enthusiastic about the show in the end. And you can't find the kind of energy that doing improv brings anywhere else!

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