Teachers from abroad

Improv show at the Berlin improv festival

It is not possible to study improv at any university in the world. Meaning - you can't get a degree in improv though of course in some universities you can take additional subjects that teach improv. Improv learning usually starts with either taking part in a longer course or one of the level courses, both of which serve the same purpose - to give an overview of the fundamentals of improv theatre. In the beginning, you mostly study under the same teacher, who monitors your progress and tries to contribute to it with appropriate exercises. After a while, you'll have acquired everything you need to start improvising on stage!

The more you practice improvisation, the more it becomes clear how many aspects there are that you could still learn more about! This is where all those other improv teachers you haven't met yet come into play. Each improv teacher teaches in their own way and different things, and therefore it is very useful to take workshops from other teachers in addition to the basic studies. These workshops can supplement your improv "toolbox". You may connect with some teachers' workshops more than others, but as Colleen Doyle (USA) said at the beginning of her workshop at the London improv festival Slapdash: "Take what you need and leave the rest!"

In order to provide continuous development, we will be inviting teachers from abroad to our improv school to teach. The first teacher who visited our school was Terje Brevik from Norway! The next guest will visit our school in the Spring of 2023. Sign-up for the newsletter and follow our social media to hear first about it!



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